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Episode 13: Jake Rosenberg - Co-Founder / Photographer of The Coveteur

Jake Rosenberg is the Co-founder (along with  Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg) and Creative Director behind The Coveteur. He sat down with us to tell us about his career path, day-to-day role at The Coveteur, and process of how he shoots and tells stories. 

The Coveteur began as a self-funded startup when he and his three founders launched this without any substantial amount of income. At 23, Rosenberg jumped into this venture without having a background in fashion, despite being asked by Mark and Kleinberg to join a day before they pushed publish on their first piece of content. 

Rosenberg, who was born and raised (and still resides) in Toronto, studied Industrial Design at Ontario College of Art and Design. It was there he learned about branding, and having a keen eye for design and product design.

In the first two years of The Coveteur, Rosenberg said he and his team produced a bunch of content of people behind the scene in fashion, well before he really started traveling and interviewing hi-profile models and celebrities.

He says of the hundreds of pieces of content The Coveteur produces, three of his favorites shot were of Rosie Huntington Whitely (model), a wedding in Capri with Erica Pelosini, and his first shoot with Oprah Winfrey.

Rosenberg talked briefly about CHANEL being the first major brand to jump onboard in support of The Coveteur.

Five apps he says he uses every day: Instagram, Camera+, Weather, Mail and SkyScanner.

He shoots and travels primarily with a Nikon D810, along with traveling with a GoPro and his iPhone 6. 



Follow The Coveteur: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Also, The Coveteur is hiring out of their office in New York!











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Episode 10: Agus Cattaneo, Trend Forecaster and Fashion Consultant

Trend forecaster and fashion consultant Agus Cattaneo joins us to explain what she does at New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. She’s different than the photographers at fashion week in that she’s looking at the trends, details, combinations that stand out. She tracks these trends from street style to couture, creating trend reports for her clients. She then works with buyers and merchants to make decisions around buying for the next season: what styles, how many, etc., projecting profits, sales and needs for their various departments. She also has clients that use her photos/data on the front end: they use her content on social media as it happens. It’s important to Agus that her data is displayed in a visual way, which results in thorough 700 page reports for her clients. She presents the name of the trend, the mood board, the color palette with the main colors and the accents, the shoes that go with the trends, the accessories, and videos to accompany the trend.

Agus started her career as a CPA, then at 22, when a car accident left her unable to walk, or even sit up for two whole months, she channeled her energy into creating accessories, which was her foray in to fashion and completely shifted her path. She recovered from the accident, and moved to New York to attend Parsons, equipped with hardly English, $100, and an unparalleled passion for what she does, she navigated life in the U.S., securing a job, an apartment, and a visa to stay. She now resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and travels the world covering fashion weeks, teaching, and consulting. She writes a trends column for the prestigious newspaper La Nación.


Agus on Instagram: @iamaguscattaneo

Agus' blog/website:

Trend forecasting services/publications Agus uses to support her work: WGSN, WWD, FashionSnoops

Book Agus referenced around 51:23 is The New Rules of Retail: Competing in the World's Toughtest Marketplace by Robin Lewis.

This episode is hosted by Avery D'Alessandro, and produced by Lynae Cook. Music is by Ben Betherum. We recorded parts of this episode in a Breather room, support us by using promo code VAULT to save on your first Breather room booking.


Episode 9: Amy Roiland, of A Fashion Nerd and FashionTap

In this week's episode of The Vault, we interview Los Angeles-based Vine star, blogger, and CEO, Amy Roiland about her app FashionTap, blogging career (A Fashion Nerd), and where she thinks the intersection of fashion and tech can grow. She discusses why she moved from fashion public relations to her app, FashionTap, what's she's learned, and what it's like being a woman in tech.

FashionTap allows users to make money by tagging the brands in their photos, thus driving sales to the brands. Bloggers, stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists can use FashionTap to grow their following and benefit from driving sales to brands' ecommerce sites. Amy will be on Shark Tank on April 29, be sure to tune in and see how she does!

The Vault is hosted by Avery D'Alessandro, produced by Lynae Cook, music is provided by Ben Bethurum.

Download FashionTap here.

Follow Amy on Instagram at @afashionnerd

Episode 8: Ryan Glick, Founder of Coffee 'N Clothes

Ryan Glick discusses what he looks for when featuring photos on his increasingly popular Instagram account @coffeenclothes. Ryan has organically grown @coffeenclothes to reach over 200,000 followers on Instagram over the course of the past few years. Featured by Refinery29, GQ, the Huffington Post, and more, @coffeenclothes has received an incredible amount of attention for a passion project. Ryan is selective with who he works with and who the account features, he discusses how he and his team decide what works best and the importance of staying true to the brand.

Learn how he sees @coffeenclothes growing, and learn about his approach to maintaining authenticity while still being profitable.

Follow Ryan at @ryyyguy on Instagram and Twitter.

This podcast is produced by Lynae Cook, music by Ben Bethurum.

Episode 7: Jessi Malay talks blogging, influencer campaigns, and her career as a recording artist

Jessi Malay started her career as a recording artist and dancer before her first blog post was written 2.5 years ago. Fast forward, she's now one of the rising stars in the fashion blogging and influencer world.

Jessi posts almost daily at her blog, 'My White T', where she says her traffic continues to increase month over month. She also posts 4-5 times a day on her Instagram, and is an active user of Snapchat to broadcast her day-to-day to her followers. 


Growing up in Los Angeles, singing and dancing were always the foundation of her career. She was once signed to Jive Records as the lead singer of a girl group called No Secrets. She's also been signed with Reprise/Warner Bro as a solo artist, and still has an active career as a singer alongside her new career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

In 2012, Jessi went back to UCLA to finish her degree in the midst of a busy career. It's here she added another layer to her skill-set to run a production company on top of all she does, producing music videos and commercials. 

As a blogger, she's created social content for brands like Calvin Klein, Loreal, and Macy's. You'll also find her at New York Fashion Week twice a year, and every major fashion and lifestyle event going on in Los Angeles.

You can follow Jessi on Snapchat @jessimalay, on Instagram, at her blog, and on SoundCloud.

The Vault is produced by Lynae Cook, music by Ben Bethurum.


Episode 6: Genevieve Ascencio, Factory PR's Senior Director of Digital

Genevieve Ascencio is the Senior Director of Digital at Factory PR's New York City office, where she oversees digital executions for the agency's clients. She's also a professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, teaching public relations to students studying toward a career in fashion.

Genevieve's client history includes brands such as bar III, The Art of Shaving, Fjällräven, Wooyoungmi, Volcom, WeSC, and Macy's. She has over 12 years of experience in fashion public relations. Listen to Genevieve discuss pitching tips, shoveling snow, Snapchat, and diversity in fashion.

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Episode 5: Kimberly Wesson and Aimee Cho talk about their brand, 1.61


Kimberly Wesson and Aimee Cho have been in fashion for several years, driven by a lifelong love for the industry. They are the creative team behind American-made, unisex brand, 1.61. Neither Kimberly or Aimee went to fashion school, their education comes from a lifetime of both loving fashion and dedicating themselves to careers in fashion. They now, admittedly are living their dream, with 1.61. 

Kimberly's background is in wholesale and has worked with Rag & Bone and A.L.C. as a fashion consultant. Aimee was Anna Wintour's personal assistant at Vogue Magazine, and went on to write for Vogue. Their brand, 1.61, has been very well received in the fashion industry.

Kimberly and Aimee delve in to how they shaped 1.61 to where it is today, the differences between working for others, and working for yourself, and the obstacles in running their brand. Design, marketing, operations, and sales are split between the two of them, listen as they discuss how they divide, conquer, and collaborate.

The team share an incredible sense of humor and a love for Elsa Klensch (host of CNN's weekly fashion and design show, which ran from 1980 to 2001). They are warm, genuine, and incredibly lovely people.

Music on this episode of The Vault is by Ben Bethurum, check out his SoundCloud for more musical masterpieces.

Hosted by Avery D'Alessandro. Produced by Lynae Cook.

Episode 4: Tyler Joe of Elle Magazine talks about his experience as a photo editor and photographer



Tyler Joe is a New York based photographer and photo editor working for His work covering Fashion Week and Coachella has helped put him on the map alongside some of the biggest streetstyle photographers in the world.

In our conversation, Tyler brings a fresh perspective on the fashion scene from someone who's still new to the industry. We talk about how he got his first job working with Elle, day to day tasks as a photo editor working for the digital department of Elle. And lastly we dive into what Fashion Week is like for a professional photographer. 

One of the biggest takeaways of this episode is the idea that he just happened to "catch a break." In a sense, this was true. But after further questioning, I discovered Tyler had been cultivating a creative skill-set since high school. 

We dive into camera equipment and lenses. Technology and software.  And the demands and pressure of shooting Fashion Week (New York, London, Milan, and Paris).

Tyler Joe on Instagram: @nyavejoe

This episode of The Vault is brought to you with support from We Heart It. We Heart It is a destination for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, with over 60 billion images shared per month and 40 million users. One of the things I've found most impressive aboutWe Heart It is the quality of images shared. We Heart It is a great community to get style ideas, share looks and upload your work.  Follow us on We Heart It for fashion inspiration, work from our guests, street style photos, and more.

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Episode 2: Denim Expert Susan Lawrence Talks About Her Career in Fashion

Download on iTunes here.

Susan Lawrence has spent her thirty-year career in fashion mastering the process of producing denim. Her experience dates back to her first job out of college at Philadelphia College of Textiles  (now Philadelphia University) working at a mill in New York City, where she spent two years learning the production process and honing her skills.  She's undoubtably an industry expert when it comes to denim. 

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Episode 1: Photographer Adam Katz Sinding of Le21eme talks about fashion week and how he broke into the business

Adam Katz Sinding is one of the most powerful creatives behind a camera in fashion. His blog, Le21eme, is a visual masterpiece of street style images that span across the globe. His style differentiates himself from hundreds of photographers at Fashion Week, and in editorial. 

Listen on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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Introducing, The Vault

The Vault is a podcast launching January 18, 2016, where people who have achieved success in the fashion industry will talk about their careers: how they got to where they are, their day-to-day, and their advice for those starting off in the fashion world. 

We're thrilled to be interviewing individuals we admire, The Vault will be hosted by me (Avery D'Alessandro) and produced by Lynae Cook. Please feel free to give us any feedback you have or recommendations for who you'd like to hear on the show.