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Episode 3: Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic Talks About Her New YouTube Project

 Photo credit: That's Chic

Photo credit: That's Chic


Rachel Nguyen is multi-talented fashion influencer who started blogging way before most of her friends in fashion. Her blog, That's Chic, dates back to her high school days, when she was still working at Starbucks and cultivating her style on Orange County, California. 

Rachel went on to attend University of California Irvine, where she graduated with a degree in Economics. During this time, she taught herself to write code so she could design and update her blog, gaining a curiosity for content creation and creative work.

After college, Nguyen went on to work for Kim Kardashian's startup, Shoedazzle, where she honed her skills as a video content producer and art director. 

Nguyen now works as a brand consultant and fashion influencer for brands like AG Jeans and Nars, among others. She's also deeply committed to her new YouTube channel, where she diaries her lifestyle around fashion, and living in Los Angeles as a twenty-something artist. 

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