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Episode 7: Jessi Malay talks blogging, influencer campaigns, and her career as a recording artist

Jessi Malay started her career as a recording artist and dancer before her first blog post was written 2.5 years ago. Fast forward, she's now one of the rising stars in the fashion blogging and influencer world.

Jessi posts almost daily at her blog, 'My White T', where she says her traffic continues to increase month over month. She also posts 4-5 times a day on her Instagram, and is an active user of Snapchat to broadcast her day-to-day to her followers. 


Growing up in Los Angeles, singing and dancing were always the foundation of her career. She was once signed to Jive Records as the lead singer of a girl group called No Secrets. She's also been signed with Reprise/Warner Bro as a solo artist, and still has an active career as a singer alongside her new career as a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

In 2012, Jessi went back to UCLA to finish her degree in the midst of a busy career. It's here she added another layer to her skill-set to run a production company on top of all she does, producing music videos and commercials. 

As a blogger, she's created social content for brands like Calvin Klein, Loreal, and Macy's. You'll also find her at New York Fashion Week twice a year, and every major fashion and lifestyle event going on in Los Angeles.

You can follow Jessi on Snapchat @jessimalay, on Instagram, at her blog, and on SoundCloud.

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