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Episode 13: Jake Rosenberg - Co-Founder / Photographer of The Coveteur

Jake Rosenberg is the Co-founder (along with  Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg) and Creative Director behind The Coveteur. He sat down with us to tell us about his career path, day-to-day role at The Coveteur, and process of how he shoots and tells stories. 

The Coveteur began as a self-funded startup when he and his three founders launched this without any substantial amount of income. At 23, Rosenberg jumped into this venture without having a background in fashion, despite being asked by Mark and Kleinberg to join a day before they pushed publish on their first piece of content. 

Rosenberg, who was born and raised (and still resides) in Toronto, studied Industrial Design at Ontario College of Art and Design. It was there he learned about branding, and having a keen eye for design and product design.

In the first two years of The Coveteur, Rosenberg said he and his team produced a bunch of content of people behind the scene in fashion, well before he really started traveling and interviewing hi-profile models and celebrities.

He says of the hundreds of pieces of content The Coveteur produces, three of his favorites shot were of Rosie Huntington Whitely (model), a wedding in Capri with Erica Pelosini, and his first shoot with Oprah Winfrey.

Rosenberg talked briefly about CHANEL being the first major brand to jump onboard in support of The Coveteur.

Five apps he says he uses every day: Instagram, Camera+, Weather, Mail and SkyScanner.

He shoots and travels primarily with a Nikon D810, along with traveling with a GoPro and his iPhone 6. 



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Also, The Coveteur is hiring out of their office in New York!











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